Building Form Applications in Joomla! using CK Forms

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Add a quick survey  form to your Joomla site

Dynamic web application often means database at the back-end. It not only takes data from the database and shows, but also collects data from the visitors. For example, you want to add a quick survey into your Joomla! Site. Instead of searching for different extensions for survey forms, you can quickly build one survey form using an extension named CK Forms. This extensions is freely available for download at

For building a quick survey, follow the steps below:

  1. Download CK Forms extension from and install it from Extensions | Install/Uninstall screen in Joomla! Administration area.
  2. Once installed successfully, you see the component CK Forms in Components menu.
  3. Select Components | CK Forms and you get CK Forms screen as shown below:
  4. For creating a new form, click on New icon in the toolbar. That opens up CK Forms: [New] screen.
  5. In the General tab, type the name and title of the form. The name should be without space, but title can be fairly long and with spaces. Then select Yes in Published field if you want to show the form now. In Description field, type a brief description of the form which will be displayed before the form.
  6. In Results tab, select Yes in Save result field. This will store the data submitted by the form into database and allow you to see the data later. In Text result field, type the text that you want to display just after submission of the form. In Redirect URL field, type the URL of a page where the user will be redirected after submitting the form.
  7. In E-mail tab, select Yes in Email result field, if you want the results of the forms to be e-mailed to you. If you select Yes in this field, provide mail-to, mail cc, and Mail BCC address. Also specify subject of the mail in Mail subject field. Select Yes in Include fileupload file field if you want the uploaded file to be mailed too. If an e-mail field is present in the form and the visitor submits his/her e-mail address, you can send an acknowledgement on receiving his/her data through e-mail. For sending such receipt messages, select Yes in E-mail receipt field. Then specify e-mail receipt subject and e-mail receipt text. You can also include the data and file submitted via the form with this receipt e-mail. For doing so, select Yes in both Include data and Include fileupload file fields.
  8. In Advanced tab, you can specify whether you want to use Captcha or not. Select Yes in Use Captcha field. Then type some tips text in Captcha tips text, for example, ‘Please type the text shown in the image’. You can also specify error texts in Captcha custom error text field. In Uploaded files path field, you can specify where the files uploaded by the users will be stored. The directory mentioned here must be writable. You can also specify the maximum size of uploaded file in File uploaded maximum size field. To display Powered by CK Forms text below the form, select Yes in Display “Powered by” text field.
  9. In Front-end display tab, you can choose to display IP address of the visitor. You can view help on working with CK Forms by clicking on Help tab.
  10. After filling up all the fields, click on Save icon in the toolbar. That will save the form and take you to CK Forms screen. Now you will see the newly created form listed in this screen.


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