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At the start of 2018, the cryptocurrency boom seemed to be at an end. Bitcoin’s price plunged in just a matter of weeks from a mid-December 2017 high of $20,000 to less than $10,000. Suddenly everything seemed unpredictable and volatile. The cryptocurrency honeymoon was at an end. However, while many are starting to feel cautious about investing, a new cryptocurrency might change the game. BrickCoin might well be the cryptocurrency to reinvigorate a world that’s shifted from optimism to pessimism in just a couple of months.

But what is BrickCoin? And how is it different from other cryptocurrencies? Most importantly, why might you be confident in its success?

What is BrickCoin?

This one’s also a Blockchain based currency, but one backed with real estate(REITs). BrickCoin aims to be the first regulated, KYC, and AML compliant real estate crypto. The real estate is comprehensive to regulators and is accepted by many as a robust asset class. This is a major distinguishing point between BrickCoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Traditional money saving methods – savings account and fixed deposits – are not inflation-proof. They also have very low levels of interest at the moment. On the other hand, complex investment options such as hedge funds are typically only available to wealthy individuals as they require large initial investments. These also do not offer ready liquidity and are vulnerable to bankruptcy. BrickCoin comes to the rescue here, as it claims to be Inflation proof.

Find out more about BrickCoin here.

The key features of BrickCoin

  • It is a savings token which can be bought with traditional currency or digital currency.
  • It represents an investment in a piece of commercial debt-free real estate.
  • The real estate is held as part of a very secure, high-value, debt-free REIT.
  • BrickCoins are kept in a mobile digital wallet.
  • All transactions are fully-managed, validated and trackable by blockchain technology. BrickCoins can be converted into FIAT currency instantly.

[box type=”note” align=”” class=”” width=””]Also read about CryptoML, a machine learning powered cryptocurrency platform.[/box]

BrickCoin is essentially the next step in the evolution of cryptocurrency. It is a savings scheme that is backed by a non-inflationary asset – commercial debt-free real estate – to deliver stable capital preservation. As a cryptocurrency, it allows savers to convert their money to and from BrickCoin tokens using the full security and convenience of blockchain technology.

BrickCoin will be the first cryptocurrency that bridges the gap between the necessary reliance on the FIAT currencies and the asset-backed wealth-creation opportunities that are often out of reach for many ordinary savers.

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