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Blockchain and cryptocurrency have received significant attention from the press in the last few years. But it’s not always easy to get past the hype and find out what Blockchain means in practice – and how we can make it really matter.

But April’s Humble Bundle from Packt is a small step in changing that. With 25 books and video courses on all things crypto – all 25 available for as little as $15 – it’s the perfect starting point for anyone interested in learning what’s possible with Blockchain – and actually building things with it.

Find the bundle here.

But while Humble Bundle and Packt are excited to help a new audience of engineers and crypto-enthusiasts, they’re also delighted to be supporting some incredible charities. The bundle’s chosen charity is Dress for Success, an organization that supports women worldwide with the resources and tools needed to achieve economic independence.

For anyone new to Humble Bundle, the principle is simple: Pay What You Want across three tiers, each with a minimum of $1, $8, and $15. Customers can then choose how their money is split between publisher, Humble Bundle, and charities.

So, between April 8 and April 22, the world can get its hands on a substantial stash of Blockchain and cryptocurrency resources. But what’s included in each tier?

For as little as $1 customers can get their hands on…

  • Blockchain By Example
  • Ethereum Cookbook
  • Learn Bitcoin and Blockchain
  • Learn JavaScript: Build Your Own Blockchain
  • Learning Blockchain Application Development

For a minimum of $8, customers will get all of the above as well as…

  • A Developer’s Guide to Blockchain, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
  • Blockchain for Business 2018: The New Industrial Revolution
  • Ethereum Projects for Beginners
  • Foundations of Blockchain
  • Hands-On Bitcoin Programming with Python
  • Hands-On IoT Solutions with Blockchain
  • Hyperledger for Blockchain Applications
  • Tokenomics

And for a minimum of $15, readers will get all of the products in the tiers above, as well as…

  • Blockchain across Oracle
  • Blockchain Real World Projects
  • Ethereum Projects
  • Hands-On Blockchain for Python Developers
  • Hands-On Blockchain with Hyperledger
  • Hands-On Cybersecurity with Blockchain
  • Learn Blockchain Programming with JavaScript
  • Learn Python by Building a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Mastering Blockchain
  • Solidity Programming Essentials
  • Truffle Quick Start Guide
  • Blockchain Quick Reference

To learn more, visit Humble Bundle here.

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