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Bitbucket, a web-based version control repository that allows users to manage and share their Git repositories as a team, suffered an outage today. As per the Bitbucket’s incident page, the outage started at 8 AM UTC today and lasted for over an hour, till 9:02 AM UTC,  before finally getting back to its normal state.

The Bitbucket team tweeted regarding the outage, saying:

It was only earlier this week when GitHub went down for a complete day due to failure in its data storage system. In the case of GitHub, there was no obvious way to tell if the site was down as the website’s backend git services were working. However, users were not able to log in, outdated files were being served, branches went missing, and they were unable to submit Gists, bug reports, posts, etc among other related issues.

Bitbucket, however, was completely broken during the entirety of the outage, as all the services from pipelines to actually getting at the code were down. It was evidently clear that the site was not working as it showed the “Internal Server” error. BitBucket hasn’t spoken out regarding the real cause of the outage, however, as per the BitBucket status page, the site had been experiencing elevated error rates, and degraded BitBucket functionality, for the past two days. This could be the possible reason for the outage.

After the outage was over, Bitbucket tweeted about the recovery, saying:

As the services were down, developers and coders around the world took to Twitter to vent their frustration.


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