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Kristin Adderson
December 11, 2020 – 11:09pm

December 12, 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to the latest round up of the Tableau community highlights.

I was reminded this month of how important “success” in analytics is about much more than one’s skills in the platform. This month, as always, the community has shared many super tips and tricks to improve your ability to master Tableau, but there has been a great set of posts on all the other career development “stuff” that you mustn’t ignore if you want to succeed. 

Judit Bekker’s latest post describes how she found a job in analytics. Her story contains great advice for anyone setting out on this wonderful career journey. 

Ruth Amarteifio from The Information Lab describes how to ask the right questions before embarking on a data project. Believe me, these are great questions that I wish I had known before I started my career in analytics.

Helping grow a community is a great means to develop your network and open yourself to new opportunities. What better way than starting a Tableau User Group? Interworks has a great list of ideas to inspire you and help you get started on the right path

If those aren’t enough, then you must head to Adam Mico’s blog where he curated reflections from 129 different people (!) from the Tableau community. There are so many great stories here. Read them all or dip into a few, and you’ll find ideas to help you build your own career in analytics, regardless of which tool or platform you end up using.  

As always, enjoy the list! Follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn as I try and share many of these throughout the month. Also, you can check out which blogs I am following here. If you don’t see yours on the list, you can add it here.

Tips and tricks

Andy Kriebel #TableauTipTuesday: How to Sort a Chart with a Parameter Action
Luke Stanke Beyond Dual Axis: Using Multiple Map Layers to create next-level visualizations in Tableau   
Marc Reid Tableau Map Layers


Adam Mico The #DataFam: 128 Authors From 21 Countries Spanning Six Continents Share Their 2020 Tableau…
Bridget Cogley Data Viz Philosophy: Better than Bar Charts
Adam McCann Layering Multiple Charts in Tableau 2020.4
Mark Bradbourne Real World Fake Data – Human Resources Recap
Lindsay Betzendahl Visualizing COVID-19: March’s #ProjectHealthViz and the Impact of Pushing Boundaries

Formatting, Design, Storytelling

Evelina Judeikyte  Three Design Principles for More Effective Dashboards
Ken Flerlage Creating a Basic Beeswarm Plot in Tableau
Adam McCann Animated Buttons and Animated Night/Day Toggle


Tom Prowse Tableau Prep vs Einstein Analytics – Combining and Outputs


Mark Wu Difference between ‘suspend extract refresh task’ vs ‘tag stale content’ feature

Set and Parameter Actions

Kevin Flerlage Dynamically Show & Hide Parameters & Filters based on another Parameter Selection
Ethan Lang  3 Essential Ways to Use Dynamic Parameters in Tableau