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Barracuda Networks recently announced its new Cloud-Delivered Web Application Firewall service. This new service offers organizations various novel ways to manage, deploy and integrate application security into an application delivery stack.

A WAF is a type of firewall purpose-built to help defend against application-layer threats and attacks. WAFs can be used to protect against known vulnerabilities in applications, such as input validation and SQL injection types of risks.

Barracuda’s WAF-as-a-Service application security is offered through a cloud service. It aims to simplify overall management and speed of deployments for customers. Barracuda also enables developers to use its WAF-as-a-Service for DevOps via an API. The WAF API allows developers to modify behavior of application traffic.

Some features of the Cloud-Delivered Web Application Firewall service are:

  • Secure Web applications: It delivers high level of protection via its synchronous integration with Barracuda’s real-time threat intelligence network. The service defends against the OWASP Top 10, bots, DDoS, and other sophisticated attacks. For example, attacks that use XML or JSON, and even the most advanced zero-day threats.
  • Automated vulnerability remediation and granular policy configuration: No extensive security expertise is required. This is because, the firewall service offers a simple 5-step setup wizard that starts protecting web applications in minutes. One can take full control and fine tune security policies for every application. One can even build baseline application security policies automatically with out-of-the-box automated vulnerability remediation, and pre-built templates for common applications such as WordPress and SharePoint and then take control and fine-tune as needed.
  • Simplified cloud-delivered service: This new service is fast, with an intuitive UI. Now that one does not require any device to deploy or manage, it removes the complexity of WAF deployment. One can integrate security directly into the application development lifecycle as this solution is always available, and can reduce or eliminate the need to manually test code.

To know more about this new Cloud-Delivered Web Application Firewall service visit Barracuda’s official blog post.

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