Baidu open sources ‘OpenEdge’ to create a ‘lightweight, secure, reliable and scalable edge computing community’

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On 9th January, at CES 2019, Chinese technology giant Baidu Inc. announced the open sourcing of its edge computing platform called ‘OpenEdge’ that can be used by developers to extend cloud computing to their edge devices

“Edge computing is a critical component of Baidu’s ABC (AI, Big Data and Cloud Computing) strategy. By moving the compute closer to the source of the data, it greatly reduces the latency, lowers the bandwidth usage and ultimately brings real-time and immersive experiences to end users. And by providing an open source platform, we have also greatly simplified the process for developers to create their own edge computing applications,” said Baidu VP and GM of Baidu Cloud Watson Yin. “

Baidu said that systems built using OpenEdge will automatically be enabled with features like artificial intelligence, cloud synchronization, data collection, function compute and message distribution.OpenEdge is a component of the Baidu Intelligent Edge platform (BIE). The BIE offers tools to manage edge nodes, resources such as certifications, passwords and program code and other functions. BIE is designed to run on the Baidu cloud and supports common AI frameworks such as the Baidu-developed PaddlePaddle and TensorFlow. Developers can, therefore, use Baidu’s cloud to train AI models and then deploy them to the systems that are built using OpenEdge.

According to TechRepublic, OpenEdge also gives developers the ability to exchange data with Baidu ABC Intelligent Cloud, perform filtering calculation on sensitive data and provide real-time feedback control when a network connection is unstable. A company spokesperson told Techcrunch that the open-source platform will include features like data collection, message distribution and AI inference, as well as tools for syncing with the cloud.

You can head over to GitHub to know more about this release.

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