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Amazon Rekognition, one of AWS’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) services, is now available in the AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region. With this provision, Australian developers can add visual analysis and recognition to their applications.

Amazon Rekognition is a deep learning-based service which easily add images and analyzes video for your applications. Rekognition Image API allows you to detect objects, scenes, faces and inappropriate content, extract text, search and compare faces within images, and so on. One can also use Rekognition Video to detect objects, scenes, activities and inappropriate content, and also search faces in video stored in Amazon S3 in the AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) region.

With Rekognition API, developers can easily:

  • Build an application that measures the likelihood that faces in two images are of the same person, thereby being able to verify a user against a reference photo in near real-time.
  • Also, developers can create collections of millions of faces (detected in images) and can search for a face similar to their reference image in the collection.

Amazon Rekognition has no minimum fees or upfront commitment and works on a pay-per-usage model. To know more in detail and other regions where these APIs are available, read the Amazon documentation.

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