Atlassian overhauls its Jira software with customizable workflows, new tech stack, and roadmaps tool

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Atlassian has completely revamped it’s traditional Jira software adding a simplified user experience, new third-party integrations, and a new product roadmaps tool. Announced yesterday, in their official blog post, they mention that “They’ve rolled out an entirely new project experience for the next generation with a focus on making Jira Simply Powerful.

Sean Regan, head of growth for Software Teams at Atlassian, said: “With a more streamlined and simplified application, Atlassian hopes to appeal to a wider range of business execs involved in the software-creation process.

What’s new in the revamped Jira software?

Powerful tech stack: Jira Software is transformed into a modern cloud app. It now includes an updated tech stack, permissions, and UX. Developers have more autonomy, administrators have more flexibility and advanced users have more power. “Additionally, we’ve made Jira simpler to use across the board. Now, anyone who works with development teams can collaborate more easily.”

Customizable workflow: To upgrade user experience, Atlassian has introduced a new feature called build-your-own-boards. Users can customize their own workflow, issue types, and fields for the board. They don’t require administrator access or the need to jeopardize other project’s customizations.


Source: Jira blog

This customizable workflow was inspired by Trello, the task management app acquired by Atlassian for $425 million in 2017. “What we tried to do in this new experience is mirror the power that people know and love about Jira, with the simplicity of an experience like Trello.” said Regan.

Third party integrations: The new Jira comes with almost 600 third-party integrations. These third-party applications, Atlassian said, should help appeal to a broader range of job roles that interact with developers. Integrations include Adobe, Sketch, and Invision. Other integrations include Facebook’s Workplace and updated integrations for Gmail and Slack.

Jira Cloud Mobile: Jira Cloud mobile helps developers access their projects from their smartphones. Developers can create, read, update, and delete issues and columns; groom their backlog and start and complete sprints; respond to comments and tag relevant stakeholders, all from their mobile.

Roadmapping tool: Jira now features a brand new roadmaps tool that makes it easier for teams to see the big picture. “When you have multiple teams coordinating on multiple projects at the same time, shipping different features at different percentage releases, it’s pretty easy for nobody to know what is going on,” said Regan. “Roadmaps helps bring order to the chaos of software development.


Source: Jira blog

Pricing for the Jira software varies by the number of users. It costs $10 per user per month for teams of up to 10 people; $7 per user per month for teams of between 11 and 100 users; and varying prices for teams larger than 100. The company also offers a free 7-day trial.

Read more about the release on the Jira Blog. You can also have a look at their public roadmap.

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