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What is Packt’s Article Network?

Packt’s Article Network is an extensive resource of interesting articles and book excerpts written by expert professionals and developers around the globe, specifically targeted for an audience with a penchant for technology. That is not to say that it is of no use for novices; we are quite sure we have enough material for anyone who cares to stay updated with the latest technological trends.

How do I contribute to Packt’s Article Network?

You write, we publish!
Simply write to us with an article idea or an outline, and if we find it relevant for our readers, you can go ahead and start working on it. We have a dedicated team of expert technical content editors, who’ll work with you to bring out the best results. You can submit your ideas at [email protected]

What are the guidelines for submitting articles?

  • Articles should be about 1500 words long, and be a technical how-to or case study that would be of interest to other Article Network readers.
  • All submitted articles must be original, not having been published before, and not under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • All articles will be edited as necessary for content, style, clarity, grammar, and spelling.
  • If the articles contain images and screenshots, they should be in either PNG or GIF format. The maximum width of the images should be 500 pixels. The height can be of appropriate and proportionate level.
  • Articles once submitted become the property of Packt Publishing.

If I write for you, what do I get in return?

As well as seeing your work published for the whole world to see, you will also receive two eBooks of your choice from our titles’ list, for free.

I don’t want to continuously keep browsing the Article Network to find out about new articles. What are my options?

We have an RSS feed on the Article Network page. You may also subscribe to our newsletter here, which features an article of the month amongst other relevant news from Packt.

For more questions and/or feedback, please contact us at [email protected]


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