The architecture of JavaScriptMVC

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DocumentJS is an independent JavaScript documentation application and provides the following:

  • Inline demos with source code and HTML panels
  • Adds tags to the documentation
  • Adds documentation as favorite
  • Auto suggest search
  • Test result page
  • Comments
  • Extends the JSDoc syntax
  • Adds undocumented code because it understands JavaScript


FuncUnit is an independent web testing framework and provides the following:

  • Test clicking, typing, moving mouse cursor, and drag-and-drop utility
  • Follows users between pages
  • Multi browser and operating system support
  • Continuous integration solution
  • Writes and debugs tests in the web browser
  • Chainable API that parallels jQuery


jQueryMX is the MVC part of JavaScriptMVC and provides the following:

  • Encourages logically separated, deterministic code
  • MVC layer
  • Uniform client-side template interface (supports jq-tmpl, EJS, JAML, Micro, and Mustache)
  • Ajax fixtures
  • Useful DOM utilities
  • Language helpers
  • JSON utilities
  • Class system
  • Custom events


StealJS is an independent code manager and build tool and provides the following powerful features:

Dependency management

  • Loads JavaScript and CoffeeScript
  • Loads CSS, Less, and Sass files
  • Loads client-side templates such as TODO
  • Loasd individual files only once
  • Loads files from a different domain

Concatenation and compression

  • Google Closure compressor
  • Makes multi-page build
  • Pre processes TODO
  • Can conditionally remove specified code from the production build
  • Builds standalone jQuery plugins


  • Logs messages in a development mode

Code generator

  • Generates an application skeleton
  • Adds the possibility to create your own generator

Package management

  • Downloads and install plugins from SVN and Git repositories
  • Installs the dependencies
  • Runs install scripts
  • Loads individual files only once
  • Loads files from a different domain

Code cleaner

  • Runs JavaScript beautifier against your codebase
  • Runs JSLint against your codebase

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