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ArangoDB 3.4 has been released today. Major new enhancements include ArangoSearch, a feature which transforms ArangoDB, when combined with traversals or joins in AQL, from a data retrieval to an information retrieval solution.  It also comes with full GeoJSON Support enabled by a Google S2 Geo Index library integration.


This new feature provides a rich set of information retrieval capabilities. It consists of two components – a search engine and an integration layer.

  • The search engine manages the index, querying and scoring.
  • The integration layer provides search capabilities for the end user.

ArangoSearch can be combined with all three data models in ArangoDB. It uses materialized view to enable full-text search on multiple collections at once.

Users can now perform relevance-based matching, phrase and prefix matching, search with complex Boolean expressions, query time relevance tuning and combine complex traversals, geo-queries, and other access patterns with information retrieval techniques.

GeoJSON support

GeoJSON is an open standard format designed for representing simple geographical features, along with their non-spatial attributes.

ArangoDB comes with full support of all geo primitives, including multi-polygons or multi-line strings. It also includes a Google S2 Geometry Library integration which complements ArangoDB’s RocksDB storage engine. Users can also directly visualize results in OpenStreetMap which is integrated into the Query Editor of ArangoDBs WebUI.

Other features

  • Query Profiler: Developers can now execute a query with special instrumentation code resulting in a printed query plan with detailed execution statistics.
  • Cluster Management: Enhancements include faster cluster startup, synchronization and query execution.
  • Streaming Cursors: Includes integrated streaming cursors which provide first results as they become available on the server.
  • RocksDB is now the default Storage Engine, previous versions of ArangoDB used MMfiles as the default storage engine.

The full list of features is available in ArangoDB release notes.

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