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Apple is planning on merging the apps made for iPhone, iPad, and Mac by 2021, as a part of its project, codenamed Marzipan. Apple revealed details related to the project at the 2018 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), reports Bloomberg.

Bloomberg notes that this move by Apple will make it easier for the software developers to build tools and apps since they’ll only have to build an app once and then have it work on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers. It will also boost the overall revenue of the firm as it takes a cut of various app-related purchases and subscriptions.

Moreover, Apple is going to be launching a software development kit this June at WWDC, to allow developers to port their iPad apps to Mac computers. The software development kit will prevent the developers from writing the software code twice, however, they will have to submit separate versions of the app to Apple’s iOS and Mac App Stores.

As reported by Bloomberg, Apple will expand the kit so that iPhone applications can be converted into Mac apps in 2020. Finally, by 2021, developers will be able to merge iPhone, iPad, and Mac applications into one app. Following this, developers will no longer need to submit separate versions of the app to different Apple App Stores and will allow iOS apps to be downloaded directly from Mac computers.

“The most direct benefit of the Marzipan project will be to make life easier for the millions of developers who write software for Apple’s devices. For example, later this year Netflix Inc. would be able to more easily offer a Mac app for watching the video by converting its iPad app”, states Bloomberg. Also, Twitter could publish a single app for all its Apple customers by 2021.

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