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The second beta of iOS 12 has been released by Apple yesterday to the registered developers for testing purposes. This is two weeks after the first beta was rolled out following the much-awaited Worldwide Developers Conference.

All thanks to the ongoing beta releases, beta 2 includes modifications to many of the new features which are introduced in iOS 12 such as changes to screen time, battery usage, and other smaller tweaks.

Let’s have a look at the key updates that will change your iPhone or iPad for the better.

Key Updates

Battery Usage

The usage charts that represent the activity and battery level for the past 24 hours is redesigned in iOS 12 beta 2. Also, fonts and wordings have been updated in this section.

Source: macrumors

Screen Time

  • The existing toggle that helps with clearing the Screen Time data is removed.
  • The interface which lets you add time limits to apps via the Screen Time screen has been modified. With the first beta, when you tapped an app it would go right into the limits interface. Now when you tap on an app, more information gets displayed on the app. This information includes daily average use, developer, category, and more.
  • There’s a new splash screen available for the Screen Time feature.
  • There are also new options in screen time which lets you view your activity on either one or all devices.


The new iOS 12 comes with a feature where Siri makes suggestions to the user about limiting the notifications from the sparingly used apps. Now with beta 2, the Notifications section of the Settings app has a new toggle that will allow you to get rid of the suggestions made by Siri for the individual apps.

Photos Search

With the iOS 12 beta 2, the Photos now support more advanced searches. So if you search for a photo taken on a specific date, say, May 15, all the photos from all years taken on May 15 will pop up. This is quite different than the iOS 12 beta 1 behavior. Also, the font of listings such as “Media Types” and “Albums” has changed. Now the listings’ font size in the Photos app is way bigger, which makes it easier for the users to read.

Voice Memos

A new introductory splash screen is added for Voice Memos in iOS 12 beta 2.

Apart from these updates, there are also certain minor changes which are listed below:

  • On unlocking any content using Face ID, the iPhone X now says “Scanning with Face ID.”
  • Now, on opening iPhone apps on the iPad, such as Instagram, these apps get displayed in a modern device size (iPhone 6) in both the modes namely: 1x and 2x.
  • A new interface for auto-filling a password saved in iCloud Keychain is added.
  • Podcasts app will now show ‘Now Playing’ indicator for the currently playing chapters.
  • Time Travel references have been removed from the Watch app.

The iOS 12 public beta will launch after iOS 12 developer beta 3 around June 26. The release date for the final version of iOS 12 is set sometime in September 2018.

Also, there are some known issues regarding the latest iOS 12 beta 2 update that needs resolving. Registered developers can check out the release notes for beta 2 on the official Apple developer website.

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