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The new version of macOS called Mojave was announced at Apple’s ongoing annual developer conference, WWDC 2018. It includes a bunch of new features namely dark mode, revamped Mac app store, desktop stacks, security control, safari privacy in addition to other updates and features.

The final release will be sometime in fall during September or October, with public beta releasing this summer. Let’s have a look at what’s new in the shiny new macOS version Mojave.

Key macOS Mojave Features

Dark mode

Dark mode is added by Apple to macOS with the latest release. It has the ability to change the dock, taskbar, and chrome around apps into a dark gray color. It doesn’t come with a new functionality though, it’s mainly for aesthetics, just like all the other dark modes. There is also an API available for developers to implement Dark Mode in their apps. Mojave also presents a new Dynamic Desktop which is capable of automatically changing the desktop picture to match the time of day.

Revamped Mac app store

The Mac app store is finally revamped in Mojave. Taking inspiration from the iOS store that underwent a makeover last year, the redesigned Mac app store consists of new app collection along with a lot more editorial content.

There are also going to be many apps from top developers coming to the Mac App Store namely Office from Microsoft and Lightroom CC from Adobe, among others.

Apple News, Stocks, Home, Voice memos

Apps such as News, Stocks, Voice Memos and Home are available on Mac for the first time.

  • News app comes with articles, photos, and videos which will look great on the Mac display.
  • The home app allows the Mac users to control their HomeKit-enabled accessories. It lets users perform tasks like turning lights off and on, adjusting thermostat settings.
  • Voice Memos makes it easy for you to record personal notes, lectures, interviews, song ideas, etc. You can also access them from iPhone, iPad or Mac.
  • Stocks provides curated market news along with a personalized watchlist which is complete with quotes and interactive charts.

Desktop stacks

A new feature called stacks cleans up a messy desktop by dedicating folders to specific file types. These folders automatically collect files that belong to them. This way there will be stacks of PDFs, images, movies, etc. Clicking the folders will bring the files to the desktop to make it easy for you to browse through them.

Security controls

With more pop-ups added by Apple in the new Mojave, you can now control what apps can access your information and hardware. With newly added security controls, you can now decide if you want an app to have access to your location, photos, contacts, microphone, etc.

Safari privacy

Apple started blocking websites that track you based on your system configuration in Safari. Now, it comes with an added ability which will help you block social networks like Facebook from tracking you across the web using “like” buttons. It also flags reused passwords so users can change them.

Finder updates

Finder has a new view called “gallery view” which helps scroll through small previews of files

There is also going to be a way to view metadata inside a finder window. You can also perform quick actions on files such as rotating a photo or assembling multiple files into a PDF.

Markup and screenshots

Users can mark up documents and make changes inside of Quick Look which will help quickly deal with files. If you take a screenshot, you will be presented with a button to mark them up.

To know more about macOS Mojave, check out the official blog post by Apple.

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