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Oracle announced the release of Oracle Solaris 11.4, a trusted business platform. Oracle Solaris gives consistent compatibility, is secure and simple to use platform. The version 11.4 is the first and the only operating system with a complete UNIX® V7 certification. Check out these facts about Oracle Solaris 11.4:

  • The team worked on 175 development builds to get Oracle Solaris 11.4
  • It has been tested for more than 30 million machine hours
  • 50 customers have put Oracle Solaris into production
  • More than 3000 applications are certified to run on it

New features in Oracle Solaris 11.4

Consistently compatible

  • Major reason for companies and organizations behind choosing Oracle Solaris is its continued consistency. The Oracle Solaris Application Compatibility Guarantee program guarantees that it will work seamlessly on previous releases of Oracle Solaris.
  • Additionally you can migrate Oracle 10 workloads to Oracle 11 with enhanced migration tools and documentation available for modern hardware.

Simple Interface

  • A new feature, Observability Tools System Web Interface brings together several key observability technologies. It includes the new StatsStore data, audit events and FMA events, into a centralized, customizable browser-based interface, that allows you to see the current and past system behavior at a glance. It will also allow you to add your own data for collection and customize the interface as you like.
  • The Service Management Framework has been enhanced to allow you to automatically monitor and restart critical applications and services.
  • Oracle Solaris Zones are now updated and the applications inside it can be run simply with the ability to evacuate a system of all of its Zones with just one command.
  • With Oracle Solaris 11.4, you can now build intra-Zone dependencies and have the dependent Zones boot in the correct order. This will enable you to automatically boot and restart complex application stacks in the correct order.

Safe and Secure

  • Oracle Solaris 11.4 will give more security capabilities with multi-node compliance to  stay secure and compliant.
  • You will be able to setup compliance to either push a compliance assessment to all systems with a single command and review the results in a single report. Alternatively, you can setup your systems to regularly generate their compliance reports and push them to a central server which can be viewed via a single report.
  • Trusted path services are added in Oracle Solaris 11.4, to create your own services like Puppet and Chef, that can be placed on the trusted path. It will allow you to make the requisite changes while keeping the system/zone immutable and protected.

With update to Oracle Solaris the team released a new version of Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.4. To know more about this release and to download Oracle Solaris 11.4 visit the Oracle Technology Network page.

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