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The Azure team at Microsoft were highly excited to release the general availability of Azure SQL Data Sync tool for synchronization with their on-premises databases. This new tool allows database administrators to synchronize the data access between Azure SQL Database and any other SQL hosted server or local servers, both unidirectionally and bidirectionally.

This new data sync tool allows you to distribute your data apps globally with a local replication available in each region, keeping data synchronization continuous across all the regions.

This tool would help to significantly eradicate the connection failure and eliminate the issues related to network latency. It will also boost the response time of the applications and enhance the reliability of the application run time.

Features/Capabilities of Azure SQL data Sync:

  • Easy-to-Config – Simple and better configuration of database workflow with exciting user experience
  • Speedy and reliable database schema refresh – Faster loading of database schemas with new Server Management Objects (SMO) library
  • Security for Data Sync – End-to-end encryption provided for both unidirectional and bi-directional data flows with GDPR compliance.

However, this particular tool would not be a true friend to DBAs as it does not support disaster recovery task. Microsoft has also made it very clear that this technology would not be supporting scaling Azure workloads, nor the Azure’s Database Migration Service.

Check out the Azure SQL Data Sync Setup documentation to get started. To know more details, you can refer to the official announcement at official Microsoft web page.

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