Angular 6.1.0 is here!

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Version 6.1.0 of the popular JavaScript framework Angular is here. The latest version released yesterday mainly focuses on bug fixes, new features, and support for TypeScript. Let’s discuss these major updates that come with Angular 6.1.0.

In the new version, a KeyValuePipe has been introduced. Support is now offered for  // … and // TODO in mock compiler expectations. An urlUpdateStrategy feature have been added to the Angular router which allows you to update the browser URL at the beginning of navigation. Feature defaultKeyValueDiffers has been exported to private API. Angular 6.1.0 enables developers to configure the Angular Router so that it remembers the scrolling position of the user as he/she navigates through an application. You can reset the scroll position with the new navigation event and can restore the previous position on pressing the back button.

In addition to these updates, View Encapsulation with ShadowDOM v1 is the new standard. ShadowDOM provides better cross-browser support. Due to this reason, the ViewEncapsulation.Native feature has been deprecated. View encapsulation is the process which associates Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) with the components in which they are defined.

The KeyValueDiffer#diff feature now allows null values. The new release also offers support for TypeScript 2.9, and 2.8 in addition to 2.7.

Apart from these, there are also other breaking changes and bug fixes.

Other Changes

  • Under animation, the end-state styles for orphaned DOM nodes have been rendered.
  • The queried element styles in safari/edge have been properly cleaned up in the latest release.
  • typescript is used to resolve the modules for metadata.
  • Mark Meta and Title services are marked as tree shakable provider.
  • versionedFiles in asset-group resources have been deprecated.
  • SwPush.unsubscribe() has been fixed.
  • To use @angular/bazel rules, you need to add calling ng_setup_workspace() in your WORKSPACE file.

Angular 7 will be released sometime in September/October 2018. For a complete list of changes and bug fixes, check out the official release notes.   

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