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Android Studio 3.3 has been released, earlier this week with official support for Navigation Editor, Project Marble, improved incremental Java compilation when using annotation processors, C++ code lint inspections etc. Other features include an updated new project wizard and usability fixes for each of the performance profilers. Overall, this release addresses over 200 users reported bugs.

This release includes support for navigation editor, a visual editor for constructing XML resources using the Jetpack Navigation Component. Developers can build predictable interactions between the screens and content areas of an app with the Navigation Editor and the Navigation Component.

The Network profiler in Android Studio 3.3 now formats common text types found in network payloads by default, including HTML, XML and JSON.  

New Project Wizard for Android Studio has been updated to support the range of device types, programming languages, and new frameworks in a streamlined manner.

Android Studio 3.3 includes Intellij 2018.2.2 and also bundles Kotlin 1.3.11. It also supports Clang-Tidy for C++ static code analysis.

Android Studio 3.3 decreases build time by improving support for incremental Java compilation when using annotation processors.

This release comes with a new feature to help clean up unused settings & cache directories. For better user feedback, it includes in-product sentiment buttons for quick feedback.

The plugin uses Gradle’s new task creation API to avoid initializing and configuring tasks that are not required to complete the current build.

Android Studio 3.3 supports Android app bundle to build and deploy Google Play Instant experiences from a single Android Studio project.

Android Emulator 28.0 now supports the ability to launch multiple instances of the same Android Virtual Device (AVD). The default Memory Profiler capture mode on Android 8.0 Oreo (API level 26) and higher devices are changed to sample for allocations periodically.

You may check out the Android Studio release notes, Android Gradle plugin release notes, and the Android Emulator release notes for more details.

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