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The Anaconda team announced the release of Anaconda Distribution 5.3.0 in a blog post yesterday. Harnessing the speed of Python, learning and performing data science and machine learning is all the more easy in this new update.

Here is the list of new features in Anaconda 5.3.0

#1 Utilising Python’s speed

Anaconda Distribution 5.3 is compiled with Python 3.7, in addition to Python 2.7 Anaconda installers and Python 3.6 Anaconda metapackages. This will ensure the new update takes full advantage of Python’s speed and feature improvements.

#2 Better CPU performance

Users deploying TensorFlow can make use of the Intel Math Kernel Library 2019 for Deep Neural Networks (MKL 2019) included in this upgrade. These Python binary packages will ensure high CPU performance.

#3 Better Reliability

The team has improved the reliability by capturing and storing package metadata for installed packages. The additional metadata is used by the package cache to efficiently manage the environment while storing the patched metadata used by the conda solver.

#4 New packages added

There are over 230 packages which have been updated or added by the team.

#5 Work in Progress on the casting bug

The team is working on the casting bug in NumPy with Python 3.7 and the patch is in progress until NumPy is updated.

To know more about this release, you can head over to the full release notes for the Distribution.

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