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Get your first taste of React.js – which some are saying is going to beat out the Angular JavaScript framework – with this great introductory tutorial video. Expert author Simon Højberg takes us through the basics of React.js by showing us how to perform a classic ‘Hello, World’ with the library that’s going to revolutionize UIs.


Sample Code

You can find the sample code on Simon’s Github repository.


About The Author

Simon Højberg is a Senior UI Engineer at Swipely in Providence, RI. He is the co-organizer of the Providence JS Meetup group and former JavaScript instructor at Startup Institute Boston. He spends his time building functional User Interfaces with JavaScript, and hacking on side projects like cssarrowplease.com. Simon recently co-authored “Developing a React Edge.”

Learn how to set up testing in React.js with our article. If you want to explore the entire JavaScript ecosystem, and find out how ReactJS fits into it, visit our JavaScript page for our latest titles and free content.


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