Amazon rolls out AWS Amplify Console, a deployment and hosting service for mobile web apps, at re:Invent 2018

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On day 1 of AWS re:Invent 2018, the team at Amazon released AWS Amplify Console, a continuous deployment and hosting service for mobile web applications. The AWS Amplify Console helps in avoiding downtime during application deployment and simplifies the deployment of the application’s front end and backend.

Features of AWS Amplify Console

Simplified continuous workflows

By connecting AWS Amplify Console to the code repository, the frontend and backend are deployed in a single workflow on every code commit. This lets the web application to get updated only after the deployment is successfully completed by eliminating inconsistencies between the application’s frontend and backend.

Easy Access

AWS Amplify Console makes the building, deploying, and hosting of mobile web applications easier. It also lets users access the features faster.

Easy custom domain setup

One can set up custom domains managed in Amazon Route 53 with a single click and also get a free HTTPS certificate. If one manages the domain in Amazon Route 53, the Amplify Console automatically connects the root, subdomains and branch subdomains.

Globally available

The apps are served via Amazon’s reliable content delivery network with 144 points of presence globally.

Atomic deployments

In AWS Amplify Console, the atomic deployments eliminate the maintenance windows and the scenarios where files fail to upload properly.

Password protection

The Amplify Console comes with a password to protect the web app and one easily work on new features without making them publicly accessible.

Branch deployments

With Amplify Console, one can work on new features without impacting the production. Also, the users can create branch deployments linked to each feature branch.

Other features


  • The Amplify Console automatically detects the front end build settings along with any backend functionality provisioned with the Amplify CLI when connected to a code repository.
  • With AWS Amplify Console, users can easily manage the production and staging environments for front-end and backend by connecting new branches.
  • With AWS Amplify Console, one get screenshots of the app, rendered on different mobile devices to highlight layout issues.
  • Users can now set up rewrites and redirects to maintain SEO rankings.
  • Users can build web apps with static and dynamic functionality.
  • One can deploy SSGs (Service Selection Gateway) with free SSL on the AWS Amplify Console.

Check out the official announcement to know more about AWS Amplify Console.

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