Amazon re:Invent announces Amazon DynamoDB Transactions, CloudWatch Logs Insights and cloud security conference, Amazon re:Inforce 2019

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Day 2 of the Amazon AWS re:Invent 2018 conference kicked off with just as much enthusiasm with which it began. With some more announcements and releases scheduled for the day, the conference is proving to be a real treat for AWS Developers. Amongst announcements like Amazon Comprehend Medical, New container products in the AWS marketplace; Amazon also announced Amazon DynamoDB Transactions and Amazon CloudWatch Logs Insights. We will also take a look at Amazon re:Inforce 2019 which is a new conference solely to be launched for cloud security.

Amazon DynamoDB Transactions

Customers have used Amazon DynamoDB for multiple use cases, from building microservices and mobile backends to implementing gaming and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Amazon DynamoDB is a non-relational database delivering reliable performance at any scale.

It offers built-in security, backup and restore, and in-memory caching along with being a fully managed, multi-region, multi-master database that provides consistent single-digit millisecond latency.

DynamoDB with native support for transactions will now help developers to easily implement business logic that requires multiple, all-or-nothing operations across one or more tables.

With the help of DynamoDB transactions, users can take advantage of the atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID) properties across one or more tables within a single AWS account and region. It is the only non-relational database that supports transactions across multiple partitions and tables.

Two new DynamoDB operations have been introduced for handling transactions:

  • TransactWriteItems, a batch operation that contains a write set, with one or more PutItem, UpdateItem, and DeleteItem operations. It can optionally check for prerequisite conditions that need to be satisfied before making updates.
  • TransactGetItems, a batch operation that contains a read set, with one or more GetItem operations. If this request is issued on an item that is part of an active write transaction, the read transaction is canceled.

Amazon CloudWatch Logs Insights

Many AWS services create logs. Data points, patterns, trends, and insights embedded within these logs can be used to understand how an applications and a users AWS resources are behaving, identify room for improvement, and to address operational issues. However, the raw logs have a huge size, making analysis difficult. Considering individual AWS customers routinely generate 100 terabytes or more of log files each day, the operations become complex and time-consuming. Enter CloudWatch Logs Insights designed to work at cloud scale, without any setup or maintenance required. It goes through massive logs in seconds and provides a user with fast, interactive queries and visualizations.

CloudWatch Logs Insights includes a sophisticated ad-hoc query language, with commands to perform complicated operations efficiently. It is a fully managed service and can handle any log format, and auto-discovers fields from JSON logs. What’s more? Users can also visualize query results using line and stacked area charts, and add queries to a CloudWatch Dashboard.

AWS re:Inforce 2019

In addition to these releases, Amazon also announced that AWS is launching a conference dedicated to cloud security called ‘AWS re:Inforce’, for the very first time.

The inaugural AWS re:Inforce, a hands-on gathering of like-minded security professionals, will take place in Boston, MA on June 25th and 26th, 2019 at the Boston Exhibit and Conference Center.

Here is what the AWS re:Inforce 2019 conference is expected to cover:

  1. Deep dive into the latest approaches to security best practices and risk management utilizing AWS services, features, and tools.
  2. Direct access to customers to the latest security research and trends from subject matter experts, along with the opportunity to participate in hands-on exercises with our services.
  3. There are multiple learning tracks to be covered over this 2-day conference including a technical track and business enablement track, designed to meet the needs of security and compliance professionals, from C-suite executives to security engineers, developers, risk and compliance officers, and more.

The conference will also feature sessions on Identity & Access Management, Infrastructure Security, Detective Controls, Governance, Risk & Compliance, Data Protection & Privacy, Configuration & Vulnerability Management, and much more.

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