Why Alibaba cloud could be the dark horse in the public cloud race

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Public cloud market seems to be highly dominated by industry giants from the west like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. One of China’s tech giants, Alibaba cloud has entered the public cloud market recently and seems to be catching up pretty quickly with its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Infrastructure-as-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service offerings.

According to reports, in December 2017, Alibaba cloud witnessed 56% YoY growth and revenue as good as 12.8 billion USD. It is expected to be better in the Q2 2018 report, where-in the market size will increase to a sizeable amount. Alibaba cloud is already leading China’s cloud market share. It provides around 100 core services, with datacenter spread around 17 regions as a whole.

Some of the stunning features of Alibaba cloud include:

Elastic Computing

ECS services of Alibaba cloud are highly scalable, quick and powerful with high-range Intel CPUs, which brings down the latency to give staggering results. It comes with extra security layer for protecting applications from DDoS and Trojan attacks. The services involved here includes ECS, container services, Autoscaling and so on.


Alibaba cloud enables you with hybrid and distributed network, ideal for enterprises which demand high network coverages. This network involves communication between two VPCs and communication between VPCs and IDCs.


It has a built-in Anti-DDoS management and security assessment services. This definitely reduces the cost of hiring and training quality security engineers to analyze and manage security services and data breaches.

Storage and CDN

Alibaba cloud’s OSS (Object Storage Service) helps you store, backup, and archive huge amount of data on cloud. This service is absolutely flexible and you only need to pay as per your usage and there are no additional cost involved in it.


It comprises of a wide range of analytics services like business analytics, data processing, stream analytics and so on. Services like Elastic MapReduce, Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark can be run easily on Alibaba cloud for efficient Cloud Analytics.

For detailed products and services from Alibaba cloud, refer their official site.

AWS and Azure were dominating the public cloud market with an array of services which changed as per the market requirements. Considering the current advancements in the Alibaba cloud and its affordable and highly competitive price range, Alibaba joins the others in the race to dominate the public cloud market.

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