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Alibaba, the ecommerce leader and multinational conglomerate surprises the advertising market with a smart copywriting tool, AI-CopyWriter. The digital marketing and big data arm Alimama developed artificial intelligence-powered copywriting tool.

The tool is backed with powerful deep learning mechanism and natural language processing technology to deliver thousands of marketing content in just couple of seconds. This AI copywriting tool runs through the tens of millions of sampled data in the back end and generates copies for products in just few seconds. The tool delivers high efficiency with more than 20,000 copy lines in single second, reducing the repetitive copywriting jobs of advertising and marketing teams. This mind-blowing product is simple to use. One simply needs to insert the url link of a product page and the smart copy engine returns with results of numerous innovative copy ideas with just a button click away.

According to Alimama, the AI Copywriting tool has been validated through the Turing test and can generate tens of thousands of copy lines in one second. This tool is capable of providing tone-specific copy lines such as funny, loving, poetical or a promotional one along with a adjustments of their word characters.

Prior to this tool, the team at Alimama innovated a smart banner designer tool for small and mid-sized businesses which they can use to redesign and resize the advertising banners on e-commerce platforms with just a slide of a mouse. The team also recently released a smart video editing tool powered with AI technology, through which advertising and promotion teams can generate a quick 20 seconds video in almost less than minute.

The tool has already been proven very successful by renowned apparel chain Espirit, US fashion brand Dickies and by website aggregators such as Taobao and Tmall.

“The AI copywriter is a really amazing tool. Based on a massive database of existing copy and advanced AI technologies, the tool can reduce the repetitive and tedious copywriting workload for our teams.” says E-Commerce Head – Asia Pacific market at Esprit.

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