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Getting ready…

There are many extensions to add event calendars to Joomla!. However, JEvents is the most feature-rich and popular extension. Download this extension from http://www.jevents.net/jevents-download and install it from the Extensions | Install/Uninstall screen.

How to do it…

After installing JEvents, follow these steps to add the calendar:

    1. From the Joomla! administration panel, select Components | JEvents. This will show you the JEvents:: Control Panel screen.

    1. Click on the Manage Categories icon in the Control Panel screen. This will show you the Categories screen, listing all the available categories, if any.

    2. Click on the New button in the toolbar. It will show you a form similar to that in the following screenshot:

Enter a Title, select the parent category (if any), then select Access Level and Administrator, select Yes in Published field, and type a brief description of the category. From the Event Colour field, choose the color for the events in this category. Then click on the Save icon in the toolbar. Repeat the step to create another category.

  1. To go back to the Control Panel page, click on the CPanel icon on the Categories screen. Then click on the Manage Calendars icon in the Control Panel screen. That shows the Calendars screen.

    Joomla! 1.5 Top Extensions

  2. Click on the New button. This shows you a form similar to the one in the following screenshot:

    Joomla! 1.5 Top Extensions

  3. Type a Unique Identifier (name) for the calendar, select the default category and Access Level, select No for the Is Default field, and click on Create Calendar from Scratch. This creates a new calendar.
  4. Go back to the Control Panel page, and click on the Manage Events icon. This will shows you the Events screen. Click on the New button in the toolbar, and you will get the Edit Event screen.

  5. On the Edit Event screen, first select a calendar and then type the subject of the event. Then select a category, a color for the event, and the access level. In the Activity field briefly describe the activity, and then fill in the Location, Contact, and Extra Info fields. Then click on the Calendar tab.


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