Adding a Custom Field in Compiere 3

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The user menu is your default tree, and is accessed through the System Administrator role. You can find the Menu item in the screen tree:

Compiere 3 Implementation Guide

The above screenshot illustrates a typical window set-up, which is done as follows:

  1. Create a new menu item by clicking on the New button. Enter a name and a description.
  2. Define its action type: A menu item’s action type can be a Window, Form,Process, Report, Task, or Workflow. Link an AD item to the menu, which is illustrated above, where window Sales Order is linked to the Sales Order menu item.
  3. Move the menu item in context of the main menu tree for users understanding and access.

It is recommended that you define your own windows, or copy from the existing dictionary, for customizations. Because dictionary (system) defined items may be overwritten during the process of migrating to a new version, it is better to copy a window and customize it in the copied window (or create new). This applies to Java code as well: never change the original source as it may be overwritten during migration.

Adding a new field to a window and database

In this section we are going to illustrate how the System Administrator would go about adding a new field to the database. As an illustration, we are going to add a probability reference field that can be used to measure a predefined set of outcomes on an order to the Sales Order window.

  1. .Find the context by Zooming to the Table from the Window. Open and find the Sales Order window in the Window, Tab, and Field menu item when logged in as System Administrator:

    Compiere 3 Implementation Guide

  2. Zoom from the window into the underlying Table and Column window.Order records are maintained in the database in the C_Order table:

    Compiere 3 Implementation Guide

  3. Next we refer the Column tab, and create a new column in the table(see the field naming conventions below). The new column must be as a System Element defined and hence we need to create a System Element prior to using it as a Column in the Table:

    Compiere 3 Implementation Guide

  4. Once the System Element has been defined, we set up the Column as follows:

    Compiere 3 Implementation Guide

  5. Create a new Reference key as follows:

    Compiere 3 Implementation Guide

    Because this is a custom list, we choose a validation type of List Validation, and a value format of L, indicating that any letters are allowed. For a full list of these conventions, refer to the help documentation in the system by pressing F1.

  6. We then define the Reference key’s list validation options as follows:

    Compiere 3 Implementation Guide

  7. The finalized column (and thus the ultimate window field) set-up is thus shown as follows:

    Compiere 3 Implementation Guide


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