About us

Software can change quickly. That poses challenges for everyone working with software today.

That’s why we built Packt Hub.

There are 2 things important to us that are missing in the tech world: the right combination of diversity and depth. Relevance is vital, but that doesn’t mean sticking to your vertical. Today’s tech world is fluid and constantly being redefined. 

By combining news on the latest and most important changes across the tech industry with analysis that puts those changes into context, and software tutorials that offer practical guidance on every technical topic, it helps to inform you on:

  • what’s important
  • why it’s important
  • how you can take action

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Editorial Team

Aarthi Kumaraswamy, Co-editor – [email protected]

Richard Gall, Co-editor – [email protected]

Fatema Patrawala, Deputy Editor – [email protected]

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