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Mobile-aware phishing campaign targets UNICEF, the UN, and many other humanitarian organizations

A few days ago researchers from the Lookout Phishing AI reported a mobile-aware phishing campaign that targets non-governmental organizations around the world including UNICEF,...

UK’s NCSC report reveals significant ransomware, phishing, and supply chain threats to businesses

Last week, the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) published a report on cyber incident trends in the UK from October 2018 to April...

YouTube’s ban on “instructional hacking and phishing” videos receives backlash from the infosec community

Updated: Mentioned MalwareTech's article, which shows a bigger picture of how YouTube’s ban can suppress education and the aspirants may turn to other shady...

200+ Bitcoins stolen from Electrum wallet in an ongoing phishing attack

Popular Bitcoin wallet Electrum and Bitcoin Cash wallet Electron Cash are subject to an ongoing phishing attack. The hacker, or hackers, have already got...
NetSpectre attack exploits data from CPU memory

Dark Web Phishing Kits: Cheap, plentiful and ready to trick you

Spam email is a part of daily life on the internet. Even the best junk mail filters will still allow through certain suspicious looking...

Using machine learning for phishing domain detection [Tutorial]

Social engineering is one of the most dangerous threats facing every individual and modern organization. Phishing is a well-known, computer-based, social engineering technique. Attackers use disguised...

Meet ‘Gophish’, the open source Phishing Toolkit that simulates real world phishing attacks

Phishing attacks these days are a common phenomenon. Fraudsters use technical tricks and social engineering to deceive users into revealing sensitive personal information such...
machine learning for cybersecurity

Google’s Protect your Election program: Security policies to defend against state-sponsored phishing attacks, and...

With more and more attacks happening via emails and hackers intruding into presidential elections and still influencing various ongoing campaigns, Google has recently shared...

Microsoft claims it halted Russian spearphishing cyberattacks

Microsoft claims it has identified and stopped a number of Russian cyberattacks just last week. In a post published on Monday (August 20), Brad...

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