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9 reasons to choose Agile Methodology for Mobile App Development

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As mobile application development is becoming the new trend in the business world, the competition to enter the mobile market has intensified. Business leaders are hunting for every possible way to reach the market at the earliest and outshine the competition. Albeit, without compromising on the quality and quantity of the opportunities in the market. One such method prevalent in the market is the adoption of Agile methodology.

Agile mobile app development methodology

The Agile methodology is an incremental and iterative mobile application development approach, where the complete app development process cycle is divided into multiple sub-modules, considered as mini-projects. Every submodule is assigned to an individual team and subjected to the complete development cycle, right from designing to development, testing, and delivery.

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Agile Methodology

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Benefits of Agile Mobile App Development Approach

The technology, due to this iterative nature, is highly recommended in the market. Here are 9 reasons to choose Agile for your mobile app development project

Faster Development

In the case of the Agile model, the complete mobile app project is divided into smaller modules which are treated like independent sub-projects. These sub-projects are handled by different teams independently, with little-to-no dependencies on each other. Besides, everyone has a clear idea of what their contribution will be and the associated resources and deadline, which accelerates the development process. Every developer puts their best efforts into completing their part in the mobile app development project, an outcome of which is a more streamlined app development process with faster delivery.

Reduced Risks

With the changing market needs and trends, it is quite risky to launch your own application. Many times, it happens that the market data you have taken into consideration while developing your app gets outdated by the time you launch your app. The outcome is poor ROI and a shady future in the market.

Agile, in this situation, is a tool that allows you to take calculated risks and improve your project’s market scope. In other words, the methodology enables a mobile app development company to make changes to any particular sprint without disturbing the code of the previous sprints. Thus, making their application more suitable for the market.

Better Quality

Agile, unlike the traditional app development models, does not test the app at the end of the development phase. Rather, it fosters testing of every single module at the primitive level. This reduces the risk of encountering a bug at the time of quality testing of the complete project. It also helps mobile app developers to inspect the app elements at every stage of the development process and make adjustments as per the requirement, eventually helping in delivering a higher quality of services.

Seamless Project Management

By transforming the complete app development project into multiple individual modules, the Agile methodology provides you with the facility to manage your project easily. You can easily assign the tasks to different teams and reduce the dependencies and discussions at the inter-team level. You can also keep a record of the activities performed on each mini project and in this way, determine if something is missing or not working as per the proposed plan. Besides, you can check the productivity of every individual and put your efforts into making/hiring more efficient experts.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The Agile mobile app development approach puts a strong emphasis on people and collaboration, which renders the development team with an opportunity to work closely with their clients and understand their vision. Besides, the projects are delivered to the clients in the form of multiple sprints, which brings transparency to the process.

It also enables the team to determine if both parties are on the same page and if not, allow them to make the required changes before proceeding further. This lessens the chances of launching app that does not fulfill to the idea behind, and therefore, ensures enhanced customer experience.

Lower Development Cost

Since every step is well planned, executed, and delivered, you can easily calculate the cost of making an app and thus, justify your app budget. Besides, if at any stage of development, you feel the need to raise the app budget, you can easily do it with Agile methodology. In this way, you can avoid leaving the project incomplete due to lack of required resources and funds.


The agile mobile app development approach also provides developers with an opportunity to customize their development process. There’ are no rules to create an app in a particular way. Experts can look for different ways to develop and launch the mobile app, and integrate the cutting-edge technologies and tools into the process. In a nutshell, the Agile process enables developers to customize the development timeline as per their choice and deliver a user-centric solution.

Higher ROI

The Agile methodology lets the mobile app development companies enter the market with the most basic app (MVP) and update the app with each iteration. This makes it easier for the app owners to test their idea, gather required data and insights, build a brand presence, and thus, deliver the best features as per the customer needs and market trends. This aids the app owners and associated mobile app development company to take the right decision for gaining better ROI in the market.

Earlier Market Reach

By dividing the complete app project into submodules, the Agile mobile app development approach encourages the team to deliver every module with the stipulated deadline. Lagging behind the deadlines is not practically possible. The outcome of this is that the complete app project is designed and delivered on-time or even earlier to it, which means earlier market reach.

The Agile methodology can do wonders for mobile app development. However, it is required that everyone is well aware of the end goal and contributes to this approach wisely. Only then can you enjoy all of the aforementioned benefits. With this, are you ready to go Agile? Are you ready to develop a mobile app with an Agile mobility strategy?.

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