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RapidMiner Studio 8.1.0, MySQL Shell 8.0.4, Project Maestro’s new release, upgrades to S/4HANA, and more in today’s top stories around machine learning, deep learning, and data science news.

1. What’s New in RapidMiner Studio 8.1.0

RapidMiner announces the release of Auto Model and RapidMiner 8.1 to accelerate data science. They have added an Auto Model feature, a new working model for rapid creation, comparison, and exploration of new models. They have also added a powerful global search functionality.  Users can now search for operators, repository contents, UI actions, and Marketplace content. Other enhancements include:

  • New Process Templates upgraded to use the latest operator versions.
  • Read Excel now allows sheet selection by name.
  • Read CSV, Read XML and Read Excel has a new expert parameter to read all values as polynomial, which allows the user to disable type guessing.
  • Hide passwords in the Password Manager dialog and store them with a stronger encryption.
  • Search Twitter and Get Twitter User Statuses added support for 280-character tweets.

For other bug fixes and enhancements, read the official documentation.

2. MySQL announces Shell 8.0.4 and the general availability of Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database

MySQL introduces a new Upgrade checker (UC) utility with the latest release of Shell. This feature is introduced to make the 5.7 system ready for MySQL 8.0 upgrade. UC connects to a specified server and runs a series of checks. If any issues are discovered, it displays them along with any advice targeted at resolving those issues. It also prints a summary and returns an integer value describing the severity of the issues found:

0 – no issues or only ones categorized as notice.

1 – No fatal errors were found, but some potential issues were detected.

2 – UC found errors that must be fixed before upgrading to 8.0.

More information is available at the MySQL Server Blog.

The MySQL development team has also announced the general availability of Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database. Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database is the official MySQL plugin that provides comprehensive performance, availability, and configuration information for Oracle’s enterprise IT management product line and Oracle Enterprise Manager (13c or later). More information on the contents of this release is available in the changelog.

3. Tableau releases Beta 3 of Project Maestro

Tableau’s latest release for Project Maestro includes improvements to data cleaning to quickly and accurately get dirty data ready for analysis. The major changes include:

  • Quick text cleaning, which allows application of common calculation to text fields to change the case or remove unwanted characters without having to write the calculation manually.
  • Fast, visual filters. The new quick filter experience allows easy filtration of ranges of values for dates and numbers. Users can also write a calculation to handle more complex filtering tasks.
  • Easy Debugging features, to easily find errors and navigate to them
  • One-click removal of columns or steps.

The entire information is available at the official blog.

4. S/4HANA cloud service from SAP gets a major upgrade

SAP has unveiled a major new update to its S/4HANA Cloud service. The new update adds more intelligent functionality in machine learning, in-memory analytics, and in-context collaboration. These changes are mostly for the Finance, Procurement, Sales, Manufacturing and Professional Services sector.

  • A new improvement requests submission form which can be used on the Customer Influence site.
  • An Automated Payment Advice Processing, powered by machine learning and SAP Leonardo. This will help users turn documents into structured data with automated extraction of payment information from PDF files.
  • Predictive Quotation Conversion Rates calculator to understand probable orders and predicted Sales Volumes, allowing for a more accurate forecasting.
  • Release Billing Proposal application for transparent view of non-billable services in the Professional service firms.

5. HarperDB Launches Database Solution for IoT, App Developers, and Enterprise

HarperDB, have launched an HTAP (Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing) database solution. HarperDB’s database is powered by a data storage algorithm that ingests both unstructured and structured data into a fully indexed, single model data store. Both NoSQL and SQL capabilities are provided natively in real-time, and there is no increase in the storage footprint. This database solution is available for IoT, which can run on the Edge. It is also useful for app developers, allowing them to focus more time on coding and less on managing a complex database. It also provides a single model for structured and unstructured data for enterprises.


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