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MySQL Cluster 7.6.4, new features in dbForge SQL Complete v5.8, new chip for linking IoT and Blockchain, and more in today’s top stories around machine learning, deep learning,and data science news

1. MySQL Cluster 7.6.4 is out

Announcing MySQL Cluster 7.6.4 which contain a number of attractive features including:

  1. A rewritten Local checkpoint algorithm, further designed to scale to atleast 16 TBytes of DataMemory sizes.
  2. Improvements in the MySQL Cluster Configurator (MCC, Auto Installer)
  3. New cloud feature for configuring nodes with a LocationDomainId.
  4. New ODirectSyncFlag, to improve disk write speeds by around 2-3x.
  5. Change default behaviour of restart configuration leading to a very significant reduction in restore times.
  6. Improvements to parallel query implementation (pushdown join, SPJ).
  7. Parallel UNDO log applier for disk columns
  8. Bug fixes

For a detailed read on the features, visit the blog post.

2. Introducing new productivity features in dbForge SQL Complete v5.8

Devart, one of the leading developers of database tools and administration software, announced the release of dbForge SQL Complete v5.8. The dbForge SQL Complete is a useful add-in for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio.  

The new release includes new productivity features, such as

  • Result Grid Aggregates
  • Find in Results Grid
  • Execution warnings
  • CRUD generator, and much more.

For a detailed information on the new features and improvements, refer here.

3. New chip that helps IoT devices communicate with Blockchain

Filament, an industrial internet solutions startup have developed a new Blocklet chip. The chip allows IoT devices to communicate with any Blockchain technology. Additionally, the chip has a very small footprint and low power consumption. It is also secure, containing a robust cryptographic chain-of-custody protocol. The chip currently supports Hyperledger Sawtooth blockchain, and will shortly be expanded to encompass the Ethereum blockchain ledger.

4. Nexus Earth collaborates with SingularityNET to Integrate Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain Technology

Nexus (NXS) partners with SingularityNET (AGI), to explore new technologies from the collaboration. The new partnership could result in a secure, scalable and censorship-resistant blockchain AI infrastructure. SingularityNET is looking to expand horizons creating a decentralized AI network based on blockchain. It is also planning to explore use of Nexus’ satellite-based alternative internet protocol.As for Nexus, the collaboration gives a valuable use-case for deploying its 3D Chain architecture and exploring AI applications on layers 1 and 2 of its network.

5. Microsoft forms Cortana Intelligence Institute to advance AI

Microsoft, on Thursday announced the establishment of the Cortana Intelligence Institute. It is a collaboration with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), which is focused on broadening the capabilities of its virtual assistant. Researchers from RMIT will work with Microsoft personnel to apply AI to new tasks that currently can’t be handled by neural networks.

The primary task on the agenda is to assemble a “multidimensional” user dataset for development purposes. Microsoft aims to gather a wide variety of information ranging from online activity patterns to location. It is also looking to build new AI models that can understand contextual data well enough to interpret and carry out complex user requests involving multiple different steps.

Read the complete coverage for a detailed information on this establishment.

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