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Python is one of the most important languages to master. It’s top rated, fast growing, and in demand by businesses around the globe. There’s a host of excellent insight across the web about how to become a better programmer with Python. Here’s five blogs we think you need to read to upgrade your skills and knowledge.

1. A Brief History of Python

Did you know Python is actually older than Java, R and JavaScript? If you want to be a better Python programmer, it pays to know your history.

This quick blog post takes you through the language’s journey from Christmas hobby project to its modern ascendancy with version 3.

2. Do you write Python Code or Pythonic Code?

Are you writing code in Python, or code for Python?

When people talk about Pythonic code they mean that the code uses Python idioms well, that is natural or displays fluency in the language. Are you writing code like you would write Java or C++?

This 4-minute blog post gives quick tips on how to make your code Pythonic.

3. The Singleton Python Design Pattern in Depth

The singleton pattern is a powerful design pattern that allows you to create only one instance of data. You’d generally use it for things like the logging class and its subclasses, managing a connection to a database, or use read-only singletons to store some global states.

This in-depth blog post takes you through the three principle ways to implement singletons, for better Python code.

4. Why is Python so good for artificial intelligence and machine learning? 5 Experts Explain.

Python is the breakout language of data, zooming ahead of rival R to be dominant in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. But what is it about the programming language that makes it so well suited for this fast-growing field?

In this blog post, five artificial intelligence experts all weigh in on what they think makes Python perfect for AI and machine learning.

5. Top 7 Python Programming Books You Need To Read

That’s right – we put a list in our list. But if you really want to become a better Python programmer, you’ll want to get to grips with this stack of amazing Python books. Whether you’re a complete beginner or more experienced, these seven Python titles are the perfect way to upgrade your knowledge.