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The Internet of Drones, Oracle OpenWorld updates including AI-infused Oracle cloud, and more in today’s data science news.

FlytBase launches AI Platform for Drone applications

FlytBase Inc., that has built the world’s first IoT platform for commercial drones – the “Internet of Drones” (IoD) – has released its AI Platform for Drone applications at the the Drone World Expo. Continuing on its mission to bring intelligence and connectivity to commercial drones, FlytBase is enhancing its cloud and edge compute platforms to further integrate AI and machine learning solutions.With recent advancements in data visualization and AI, drones can become autonomous enough to reach near human level performance. On other occasions, AI helps drone process certain unique perspectives and features of the data that are otherwise difficult to get with human efforts. FlytBase said it is extending its platform further to leverage AI solutions for aerial image data.

Oracle OpenWorld in News

Oracle enhances its cloud with ‘intelligent and adaptive’ apps

With Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps, Oracle has integrated AI and machine learning functionalities across its cloud applications. The company announced at its ongoing OpenWorld conference that the new apps will infuse AI solutions directly into Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud, Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud, Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud and Oracle Customer Experience Cloud Suite. In addition to reacting on real time, the apps can also ‘adapt’ based on the available data and this may significantly help businesses in decision making. “The new AI capabilities combine first and third-party data with advanced machine learning and sophisticated decision science to deliver the industry’s most powerful AI-based modern business applications,” said Steve Miranda, Oracle’s executive vice president of applications development.

Oracle cloud offers NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPU instances, V100 GPUs next

Oracle announced it is now offering NVIDIA’s P100 GPU instances in its public cloud, with plans to add the more powerful V100 GPUs in the near future. Oracle bare metal cloud is now offering NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs for technical computing. Oracle is also working with NVIDIA to offer access to the next generation of GPUs, Tesla V100, based on the Volta Architecture in both bare metal and virtual machine compute instances. The company has called it a game changer of sorts for the customers, in ways that can help them rent a supercomputer by the hour. “Enterprises need accelerated computing to run compute-intensive AI, HPC, and advanced analytics workloads,” Ian Buck, general manager and vice president of Accelerated Computing at NVIDIA, commented on the development. “NVIDIA and Oracle’s collaboration will provide Fortune 500 companies that use Oracle Cloud on-demand access to the world’s most advanced GPU computing technology available.”

Oracle unveils Oracle Container Native Application Development Platform

Oracle has announced the launch of Oracle Container Native Application Development Platform at its ongoing OpenWorld conference. The frictionless, integrated platform offers a comprehensive suite of cloud services for enterprises to build, deploy, and manage container-native microservices and serverless applications. Oracle Container Native Application Development Platform includes three new services: Oracle Container Engine – a managed Kubernetes service to create and manage Kubernetes clusters; Oracle Container Registry Service – a private container registry service for storing and sharing container images across multiple deployments; and Oracle Container Pipelines – a full container lifecycle management CI/CD service. In its release, Oracle noted that developers want to avoid being locked-in by their cloud vendors, and therefore the cloud-neutral Oracle Container Native Application Development Platform offers them “the nirvana of the true hybrid cloud.”

In other Data Science News

Cloud Firestore: Firebase launches second NoSQL database for app development

Firebase, Google’s platform for app development, has launched a new flexible and scalable database service called Cloud Firestore. Designed to query, store and sync app data in a simpler and easier way, Cloud Firestore is a fully managed globally distributed NoSQL document database. Alex Dufetel, product manager for Firebase at Google, said that Cloud Firestore is “strongly consistent” despite being replicated at multiple regions, as it does away with complex use cases so that developing apps gets easier irrespective of the scale. “Delivering a great server-side experience for backend developers is a top priority,” Dufetel said, “We’re launching SDKs for Java, Go, Python, and Node.js today, with more languages coming in the future.” Cloud Firestore is now available in public as beta version.

John Snow Labs Open Sources the NLP Library for Apache Spark

Global data operations company John Snow Labs has released its Natural Language Processing software library for Apache Spark as open source. Written in Scala, the NLP software library contains Scala and Python APIs libraries. “With JSL-NLP, we’re delivering on the promise to enable customers to take advantage of the latest open source technology and academic breakthroughs in data science, all within a high performance, enterprise-grade code base,” said the founding team, adding that “JSL-NLP encompasses a wide range of highly efficient Natural Language Understanding tools for text mining, question answering, chatbots, fact extraction, topic modelling or Search, running at a scale and performance that has not been available to date.” The NLP library will continue to be financially sponsored by John Snow Labs for its development.




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