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4th cumulative update release for #SQLServer 2017, MongoDB 3.6.3 ready for production, Google debuts AdSense ‘auto ads’ with machine learning, and more in today’s top stories around machine learning, deep learning,and data science news.

1. SQL Server 2017 4th Cumulative Update release

Microsoft released the 4th cumulative update for SQLServer 2017 RTM (Release To Market). This update includes all fixes introduced after the release of SQL Server 2017. This means one can install this to resolve issues fixed in any of the previous RTM CU.

The latest 2017 update is CU4 – KB4056498.

For information about the fixes and other improvements, read the release notes.

2. MongoDB 3.6.3 is out and ready for production deployment

MongoDB version 3.6.3 is out. This version includes some minor fixes and is a recommended upgrade for all 3.6 users.

The fixes in 3.6.3 include:

  • 3.6 mongod crash on find with index and nested $and/$or
  • Tailing oplog on secondary fails with CappedPositionLost
  • specifying –bind_ip localhost results in error “address already in use”
  • All JIRA issues closed in 3.6.3

For more information read the 3.6.3 Changelog.

3. Google releases ML-powered AdSense ‘Auto Ads’

Google announces AdSense ‘Auto Ads’. This is a brand new ad format which makes use of machine learning to read any web page. It is highly optimized, easy-to-use, and is capable of increasing revenue opportunities for any business on the web. It detects and places ads that are appropriate to be placed on that page. This also includes where to place the ads and how many ads to run.

Publishers can also activate Auto ads with just a single line of code. Using machine learning not only helps to decide where the ad should be placed, but it is also used to ingest analytics for how well that ad performs. This can teach the system how to place ads better in the future.

To know more about Auto Ads and how it works, visit AdSense Auto Ads’ official blog post.

4. Microsoft updates its Quantum Development Kit with support for Linux and Mac

Microsoft announced a major update to its Quantum Development Kit. This update will enable more developers to experience the power of Quantum computing on more platforms.

The update comprises of:

  • Support for Mac- and Linux-based development
  • Full open source license for our quantum development libraries and samples
  • Interoperability with the Python programming language
  • Faster simulator performance

For a detailed know-how on these enhancements, read Microsoft’s official blog.

5. Pendo Systems Releases Version 4.0

Pendo Systems released version 4.0 of their Pendo Machine Learning Platform (PMLP). This new version includes an improved machine learning toolset, which accelerates time to implementation and is capable of tackling highly complex machine learning processing challenges.

Version 4.0:

  • Creates training data via an enhanced UI which helps streamline the complex management, classification and processing of all documents and enables users to train models against it.
  • New connectivity options with CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) support and web crawling.
  • Includes new plugins that integrate seamlessly with other systems to provide access to a range of Machine Learning algorithms.

Read more about this in the official press release.


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