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As with last week, clouds continue to show off their AI capabilities this week, Google joins the conversational AI chatter, DataOps starts gaining traction, self-driving cars are the flavor of the week as the race to capture the autonomous vehicle market heats up. Here is a quick rundown of news in the data science space worth your attention!    

News Highlights

In other News

24th Nov.’ 17 – Headlines

  • Big-data company Qubole brings Apache Spark to AWS Lambda
  • Now visualize Bitcoin Blockchain in 3D and Virtual Reality
  • China’s Baidu to begin production of autonomous self-driving bus in 2018

23rd Nov.’ 17 – Headlines

  • SAP enhances S/4HANA Cloud with new customer-centric features for improved user experience
  • Valorem Foundation announces new cryptocurrency platform

22nd Nov.’ 17 – Headlines

  • Amazon Rekognition can now detect texts and real-time faces with 10% more accuracy
  • Japan unveils first quantum computer that is 100x faster than supercomputers

21st Nov.’ 17 – Headlines

  • Bitcoin price hits record high, crosses $8000
  • Amazon EMR 5.10.0 released: support for Apache MXNet, GPU instance types P3 and P2, and Presto integration with the AWS Glue Data Catalog
  • Google Cloud Platform cuts the price of GPUs by up to 36 percent

20th Nov.’ 17 – Headlines

  • Olympus – A new tool that instantly creates a REST API for any AI model
  • SAP Vora introduced into Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
  • Visa kicks off pilot phase of “Visa B2B Connect” blockchain-based platform, commercial launch in mid-2018

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