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DevOps Institute has announced the results of the “2019 Upskilling: Enterprise DevOps Skills Report“. The research and analysis for this report were conducted by Eveline Oehrlich, former vice president and research director at Forrester Research. The project was supported by founding Platinum Sponsor Electric Cloud, Gold Sponsor CloudBees and Silver Sponsor Lenovo.

This report outlines the most valued and in-demand skills needed to achieve DevOps transformation within enterprise IT organizations of all sizes. It also gives an insight into the skills a DevOps professional should develop to help build a mindset and a culture for organizations and other individuals.

According to Jayne Groll, CEO of DevOps Institute, “DevOps Institute is thrilled to share the research findings that will help businesses and the IT community understand the requisite skills IT practitioners need to meet the growing demand for T-shaped professionals. By identifying skill sets needed to advance the human side of DevOps, we can nurture the development of the T-shaped professional that is being driven by the requirement for speed, agility and quality software from the business.”

Key findings from the report

  • 55% of the survey respondents said that they first look for internal candidates when searching for DevOps team members and will look for external candidates only if they have not identified an internal candidate.
  • The respondents agreed that automation skills (57%), process skills (55%) and soft skills (53%) are the most important must-have skills
  • On being asked about which job title(s) companies recently hired (or are planning to hire), the survey depicted: DevOps Engineer/Manager, 39%; Software Engineer, 29%; DevOps Consultant, 22%; Test Engineer, 18%; Automation Architect, 17%; and Infrastructure Engineer, 17%. Other recruits included CI/CD Engineers, 16%; System Administrators, 15%; Release Engineers/Managers, 13%; and Site Reliability Engineers, 10%
  • Functional skills and key technical skills when combined, complement the soft
    skills required to create qualified  DevOps engineers.
  • Automation process and soft skills are the “must-have” skills for a DevOps engineer.
  • Process skills are needed for intelligent automation.  Another key functional skill is IT Operations. Security comes in second.
  • Business skills are most important to leaders, but not as much to individual contributors.
  • Cloud and analytical knowledge are the top technical skills.
  • Recruiting for DevOps is on the rise.

Source: Press release, DevOps Institute’s ‘2019 Upskilling: Enterprise DevOps Skills Report

The following figure shows the priorities across the top skill categories relative to the key roles surveyed:

Source: Press release, DevOps Institute’s ‘2019 Upskilling: Enterprise DevOps Skills Report

Oehrlich also said in a statement that Hiring managers see a DevOps professional as a creative, knowledge-sharing, eager-to-learn individual with shapeable skill sets.

Andre Pino, vice president of marketing, CloudBees said in a statement s that “The survey results show the importance for developers and managers to have the right skills that empower them to meet business objectives and have a rewarding career in our fast-paced industry.”
You can check out the entire report for more insights on this news.

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