2018 is a year of opportunity and change in tech training

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Why is open source software changing the enterprise?


Emerging technologies are increasingly relevant in the enterprise world. Thanks to the growth of the internet and open source technology, a market once controlled solely by the big vendors has been opened and democratised.

Rather than buying and using one vendor technology stack, developers and businesses are now choosing and combining the best tools for the job. As a result, the way technology is purchased and adopted is changing, with new tools (and consequently new skills) in increasing demand.

‘Open Source is the norm’, says Sam Lambert, GitHub’s Senior Director of Infrastructure Engineering. ‘A lot of large enterprises view being open source as an essential way of propagating the use of their technologies, and they’re open sourcing stuff quickly.’

With the rapid pace of change, it can be difficult to keep up with what’s happening in the software world. As open source becomes mainstream, things get even more complicated – but also much more exciting.

Why open source software is always an opportunity for businesses


For businesses and developers today, software engineering isn’t just about putting software to work and shipping code, it’s also about problem solving at an even more fundamental level. Understanding what tools to use for different types of problems, and what stacks to develop and deploy with, creates huge opportunities for businesses in the age of digital transformation.

As businesses search for new technologies and skill sets to gain advantage, training must adapt to support them – and herein lies the opportunity. As technology stacks are increasingly driven by choice, efficiency and practical application, training must follow suit.

So the opportunity lies in:

  • Understanding the technologies themselves, and crucially why they are relevant for enterprise teams and their objectives

  • Understanding the way developers work and learn, and providing hands on material allowing them to skill up as efficiently as possible

How Packt can help businesses leverage open source software

Packt was founded to help make sense of this emerging technology, and to provide practical resources to help developers put software to work in new ways. This has given us a great understanding of the technologies themselves and how they are used, as well as the way our customers learn and put their skills into practice.

We are capturing and sharing this insight and content with our partners, helping developers and businesses to better understand and utilise these tools and technologies.

Through our book & video content, Courseware packs and our Live & On Demand training offering, we are providing practical, expert-written material, giving you everything you need to deliver high impact technical training on the emerging technologies driving digital transformation.

If you are interested to talk further about this story of industry change, and to explore these emerging technologies and the opportunity in more detail, feel free to get in touch with me: jamesc@packtpub.com.


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