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Tableau version 10.5, AI-fused Titan supercomputer, IMVR’s Pro-Line and more in today’s top stories around machine learning, deep learning,and data science news.

1.Tableau upgrades to 10.5 with two new additions: Hyper and Linux

Tableau 10.5 launched! By upgrading to Tableau 10.5 you automatically have access to the two new additions, Hyper and Linux.

Hyper is Tableau’s patent pending data engine technology. Hyper will deliver up to 5 times improved query performance and about 3 times extract creation speed.

Also, Tableau 10.5 delivers Tableau server on Linux, viz in tooltip, nested projects and more.

Here’s what you can do with the new and upgraded Tableau 10.5:

  • Perform high speed analytics using Hyper.
  • Quick integration of Tableau server into your current Linux processes and workflows seamlessly.
  • Create engaging data visualizations with the help of viz in tooltip feature.
  • Organize your workbooks efficiently with the nested projects
  • Work while you are away from your desk by using the annotate and share feature in the Tableau mobile iOS. Using this, one can quickly send notes or point out to interesting data points.

Tableau 10.5 has also added more than 75 native connectors, which gives the ability to connect virtually to any web data through the Web Connector with a new connector to Box.

It is also deeply integrated with the AWS platform with an update to the Amazon Redshift connector. With this, you can directly connect Tableau to data in Amazon Redshift and analyze it in conjunction with data in Amazon S3.

To know more about this exciting upgrade visit the link here.

2. Apache® Trafodion™ announced as a Top-Level Project by Apache Software Foundation

Apache software foundation today announced Apache Trafodion, as a Top-level project. Trafodion, is the first integrated Open Source solution that delivers on the promise of integrated transactional and analytical systems (OLTP/OLAP) for Apache Hadoop. Trafodion builds on the scalability, elasticity, and flexibility of Hadoop.

Features of Trafodion include:

  • A fully functional ANSI SQL support that leverages existing SQL skills
  • Distributed ACID data protection, guaranteeing data consistency across multiple tables and rows
  • Compile-Time and Run-Time Optimizers, delivering performance improvements for OLTP workloads
  • Parallel-aware Query Optimizer, supporting large data sets
  • Apache Spark integration, supporting streaming analysis
  • Interoperability with existing Apache Hadoop tools and solutions, such as Hive, Ambari, Flume, Kafka, and Oozie, and
  • Apache Hadoop and Linux distribution neutrality.

“We are planning to use Trafodion to expand the business of China Mobile’s Big Data platform: our data statistics of 4G real-time business in the country and provinces are more efficient than ever before”, said Tianduo Gao, Senior Development Engineer of Software Technology (Suzhou) at China Mobile.

To read about this in detail visit the link here.

3. AI-fused Titan supercomputer to accelerate design, training of deep learning networks

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have planned to integrate artificial intelligence and high-performance computing within their Titan supercomputer.

By this AI fusion, the supercomputer will achieve a peak speed of 20 petaflops in the generation and training of deep learning networks.

To efficiently design neural networks capable of tackling scientific datasets and expediting breakthroughs, the team developed two codes for evolving (MENNDL) and fine-tuning (RAvENNA) deep neural network architectures. These can,

  • Generate and train as many as 18,600 neural networks simultaneously.
  • They can also achieved a peak performance of 20 petaflops, or 20 thousand trillion calculations per second, on Titan (or just under half of Titan’s single precision total peak performance). Practically, this means training 40-50,000 networks per hour.

With Titan, the team is able to train an unparalleled number of highly accurate networks. It is a Cray hybrid system, meaning that it uses both traditional CPUs and graphics processing units (GPUs) to tackle complex calculations for big science problems efficiently; the GPUs also happen to be the processor of choice for training deep learning networks.

Know more about this news in the link given here.

4. Alibaba’s AI collaborates with MediaTek for IoT initiatives

The e-commerce giant Alibaba, has partnered with MediaTek on an IoT initiative. Under this collaboration, both companies will work on developing smart home protocols, customized IoT chips and AI smart hardware. This partnership was officially announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018, which kicked off over the weekend in Las Vegas.

They also announced a Smartmesh connectivity solution supporting many-to-many Bluetooth mesh technology. The solution, is based on a self-developed IoT protocol named IoTConnect and the Bluetooth chip co-developed by both parties. It enables smart home devices to automatically pair with Tmall Genie, their voice-controlled smart assistant.

5. IMVR showcases its “PRO Line” VR Devices with AI capabilities

IMVR, announced their IMVR PRO line VR devices including the PRO-BlueSky and the PRO-DG1 at the ongoing CES 2018. These VR devices are equipped with an always-on connection through the AlterSpace immersive environment to AILEENN (The Artificial Intelligence Logical Electronic Emulation Neural Network Engine). The PRO line connects with the AlterSpace Virtual Environment Engine to accurately simulate any experience with its dual screens and military grade, ultra-precise head tracking. It also has a setting featuring of a 130 degree field of view, with adjustable focus and interpupillary distance. The PRO line connects to practically any HDMI output, enabling millions of computers and devices to render VR 360 interactive immersive content.

The IMVR PRO line provides high quality VR experience focused on industrial, automotive, aerospace, military, theme park, and medical usage.

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